KORG B2SP Digital Piano
KORG B2SP Digital Piano
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Korg B2SP Review: Is This a Perfect Piano?

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Yoke Wong
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Yoke Wong is a talented pianist and piano teacher, author of online piano courses Pianomother.com, founder of Harmony and Melody Studio.
Updated 12-08-2023
Updated 12-08-2023
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Editor's Rating
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Editor's Rating
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Ideal for:
  • Small gig
  • Presentations
  • Quality music time
Main features:
  • 88 keys
  • Easy to use
  • Great sound engine

The Korg B2SP review shows beyond reasonable doubt that it is the perfect instrument for all pianists. Whether you’re just a newbie trying to practice, or you are an experienced pianist looking for a quality, portable and affordable piano, Korg B2SP is the perfect instrument for you. This piano is so light that it makes it easy to be carried to performances and also comes with accessories that help to set it up at your home for practice and home performances as well. Unlike every Korg piano, the Korg B2SP piano comes with a Knox gear bench, music light, a focus piano, and a stand attached with three-pedal units that give you the experience of playing a real grand piano and allow you to enjoy playing the piano in comfort. All this comes with an easy-to-follow guide that helps you set up the piano in simple steps. In this article, we’ll be looking more into the Korg B2SP review and the advantages it has to offer you.


Number of keys 88
Sound engine provides a total of 12 sounds
Power source corded electric
Dimensions 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches
Weight 82.8 lbs.

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Korg B2SP Review

The Korg B2SP can be called “the perfect piano” as it is accompanied with every convenience that a pianist needs to enjoy playing the piano in comfort. This piano comes with so many accessories to provide comfort and give the amazing feeling you get while playing a grand piano. You have the stand with three-pedal units attached, the Knox bench gear, the music light, the focus piano book, a pedal, and a headphone. All these accessories can be easily assembled by almost anyone with the help of a guide that puts you through simple steps. This piano is the perfect setting for both beginners and experts because it is portable and very affordable, as most pianos within its price range cannot rival the features it has in place.

Korg B2SP Review: Is This a Perfect Piano?
This piano comes with a 3-month free skoove training that helps even piano newbies to learn piano in no time and also engages the expert in practice.

The Korg B2SP gives a clean sound that guarantees to provide no distortions even when at full volume. It also doesn’t have the tinny tone that other pianos within its price range produce. The sound of this piano is also amazing. If I were to play the key three times in a row, the B2SP has a chance of triggering different samples each time, thereby recreating the experience of playing a real piano where two notes never sound the same. With this mechanism, there is no limit to the number of sounds the Korg B2SP creates. The Korg B2SP also includes a partner mode which allows teachers to play with students on a one-on-one lesson as practice, and it also allows the possibility of a duet play by an expert like a real grand piano does.

The Korg B2SP has a total of 12 sounds, starting from legendary pianos from all over the world. The Korg B2SP can be used for almost every performance, either for small-time gigs or large crowd performances.

You can use a USB cord to connect this instrument to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You know how to use the Korg B2SP as a MIDI keyboard to an external sound module. Unlike every other digital piano that is limited when it comes to effect, the Korg B2SP has both the reverb and the chorus effect, which are fixed and cannot be changed in its hard-core settings. The reverb sort of adds ambiance to the sound, making it sound like it’s in a large room, while the chorus adds a bit of width by adding the detuned echoes to the sound.


The sound on the Korg B2SP is simply stunning. Its varieties of sounds are wide and authentic, without the annoying clicking your experience in other electronic keyboards. The multisampling of the sounds makes it sound more realistic and pleasant.


The keys on the Korg B2SP are amazing!! The keys have a weighted hammer mechanism that makes the keys feel like a grand piano. The keys are sensitive; hence, harder key presses give louder sounds. The white key surfaces are glossy, and the black keys have a matte finish, differing from the textured synthetic ivory and ebony surfaces featured on many modern digital pianos. The keys are graded, so the lower registers are heavier than those at the higher registers.


Korg B2SP Review: Is This a Perfect Piano?
The B2SP comes with a three-pedal unit. This pedal unit attaches easily to the included stand so that you can focus on playing in comfort.

Two horizontal boards act as beams to securely join both legs. The elegant design conceals the player’s feet and has the look of a refined upright piano. The Korg B2SP also has a spacious music rest for sheet music and mobile devices.

The Korg B2SP was designed to give convenience and functionality with the simplicity of a real piano.


The key bed is velocity-sensitive, so the faster you press the keys, the louder the sound. Of course, you can modify these changes on the panel as you can choose between 3 preset levels (light, normal and heavy). The Korg B2SP employs the weighted hammer mechanism that makes the digital piano feel like a real one where the low register is heavier and the high register is lighter.


The sound is also amazing, and the default sound is German Concert piano, suited for classical pieces due to the bass frequencies. The Korg B2SP, apart from this preset sound, has up to 12 different sounds, including classic, jazz, ballad, Italian, Harpsichord, electric organs, and much more amazing presets. Korg B2SP also has multiple sampling; for every note you play, it triggers 3 samples simultaneously. Once again, giving you the experience of a real piano where two notes never sound the same.


The Korg B2SP has 15W dual speakers that can reproduce bass frequencies by moving the speaker cone to correspond with frequencies, making it sound cleaner, and preventing the common “tinny tone” those other pianos within its price range produce. Even at high volumes, these speakers still sound good; they don’t easily break off.

These speakers guarantee you little or no distortions even at full volume, making it your best option while playing for a large gathering.


This piano also has a partner mode which splits the keyboard into two halves, each having the same key range. This feature allows teachers to play alongside a student for easy reference and one-on-one lessons. Apart from learning, this feature also enables duet performances to be just like a real grand piano would.

3 Months Premium Skoove Plan

Among the many merits of the Korg B2SP includes the 3-month free piano training on skoove. This online tutorial is for beginners, and it also helps even experts practice and become better pianists. There is no need for any USB connection as the device microphone can be easily used as input.

USB Connectivity

You can use a USB cable to connect this instrument’s USB port to your smartphone, tablet, or computer and use the B2SP is a MIDI keyboard, to play an external sound module. Your performance on the B2SP can be recorded as music data on your smartphone, and sound from your smartphone can be heard through the speakers of the B2SP.

Piano keyboard sound module app

This is a high-quality mobile sound module app that provides a pro-quality sound library that’s ideal for performance and music production, available only for iOS. It lets you enjoy top-notch grand piano sounds on the Korg B2SP as well as studio-quality sounds of widely used keyboards.

Durability and warranty

The Korg industry has been trusted to produce quality and affordable pianos, and the Korg B2SP is no exception. The bundle comes with a wooden stand that is very strong and rather unlikely to break anytime soon. The sets are held in place by tight fittings and screws that make it impossible for the product to be damaged in any way.

Key Features

                    Pros                 Cons
The weighted hammer mechanism added to the keys made the digital piano feel like a real one. The digital piano has no screen whose settings you can read.
This copy is supplied with a base so that you put it at the correct playing height. No Bluetooth
Simple user interface Limited polyphony for certain tones
Interesting design and relatively light weighted Limited sound set
USB audio support No internal recording
Dual 15W speakers
Fully-weighted graded keyboard
Audio in jack


The Korg B2SP model satisfies the need of every pianist, beginner, or learner. The multisampling feature further makes it unique and stands out as one of the best digital pianos in the world. Korg put so much work into B2SP to make it feel comfortable and give the feeling of a grand piano. All the Korg instruments are affordable and awesome both in sound and feel, but the Korg B2SP is the best one yet.

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