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Even if you’re a talented musician, you won’t sound to your best with the wrong instrument. Luckily, there’re resources like this one – a place where all the greatest models are collected in one place, saving your time and efforts on your way to flawless music.

How do we write our reviews and buying guides?

Our team includes several departments, each responsible for its own professional input in creating the articles you’re about to read.

The team of experts consists of professional musicians who know everything about how to choose the perfect keyboard, piano, or anything related. Each new article consists of initial topic research, which is designed to give us an idea which specs to look for. Next, we make a list of the products which impressed us most: with its features, ratings, customer feedback, and sales stats.

These products are next put to the test. Before giving each model a rating, our experts need to make sure it possesses all the benefits the manufacturer claims.

Next, with all the received findings, our writers make a structured article, comprehensively describing each model’s pros and cons so that you could make an informed decision. The editorial team, meanwhile, checks all the texts for any sort of mistake, making sure the final article is coherent and easy to read.

Finally, each of the articles is sent to our content managers who strike life in it by adding informative pictures and schemes, review videos, and colored text blocks making the whole text even more structured.

Our team



Research Writer

Jeffrey holds a Master’s degree in English Literature and is an avid fan of classical music. He also plays the piano incredibly well and calls it his main hobby.




Florence is a piano teacher who knows how to engage even the youngest ones in this art. In her free time, she reads romantic stories and paints with acrylics.



Expert Consultant

Russel is a sound producer and songwriter. He deals with digital pianos and MIDI controllers on a regular basis so no wonder he knows everything about them.

What do we do it for?

It may seem that the only purpose of creating such sort of a website is to promote a certain brand or model. However, it’s not the case. We are a part of an affiliate program and receive commissions every time something is sold after visiting our site. Nevertheless, none of the brands pays us more than others to convince us to put their products to the first positions on our lists. This lets us stay unbiased when creating each review.

Feel free to ask anything

Have a question left after reading any of the reviews? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Saw a mistake or have a suggestion about how to improve the site in general? Send us an email to [email protected]. Our team of experts is always in touch.