6 Best Bass Synths: Great Sound and Functionality

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Play Piano Tips is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Hardware bass synths are becoming immensely popular as more people are getting into music outside of the digital audio workstation (DAW). Bass synths are very useful, from tweaking to fusing elevated harmonies with hands-on maneuvering and fiddling. Bass synth provides the musician a substantial, more abundant, and pleasant experience. Being in love with music means that we are fond of playing with instruments used to create vocalizations.

We have got a chance to review some of the most used analog synths. Our review contains some of the best bass synths for keys players. Continue browsing to become enlightened with the amazingness of drum and soft bass synths enriched with heavy tones, compact design, oscillators, display screens, and much more. Keep on reading and find out whether the bass synth is worth buying or not based on our honest pros, cons, and in-depth reviews.

Top 6 Bass Synths Review 2021


Novation Bass Station II Editor’s Choice

  • Number of keys: 25
  • Controller types: dedicated pots, switches, sliders, and buttons for all major parameters
  • Software: not specified
  • Presets: 64
  • Weight: 5.37 lbs.
  • Size: 20.9 x 5.5 x 14.6 inches

The Novation Bass Station II in synth-based music is a fixture that is powered by digitally controlled analog. The analog produces a very high-pitched sound even with its compact design. If you are looking for an underground low end, nothing is better than a Novation Bass Station II. The device features an ultra-fat sub-oscillator and an overdrive-equipped filter segment. The Bass Station II can generate metal notes and mesmerizing sonic compositions. Also, Novation has germinated the Bass Station II even after combining with Aphex Twin to compose the groundbreaking AFX mode, which is achievable through a significant firmware update.

By allowing users to choose unique applicability to every key, AFX Model splits the Bass Station II’s sound device inclinations, modifying it into a compelling drum module, chord organ, and much more. Simultaneously, the Bass Station II is an excellent program for generative music-making and everlasting sonic features!

What we liked: One of this analog synth’s best features is the brand new “acid” Filter consolidating the “classic” Original bass Station filter. The product comes with 64 factory Patches. Analog synth layout comprises dedicated controllers for all primary parameters. Incorporates sufficiently analog deformity and filter-modulation impacts and a separate filter overdrive to add an assertive, sharp sound quality. The best part is the brand offers a 3-Year Warranty on this and all other Novation products.

What could be better: The Keyboard length is restrictive, which can be improved. The device provides Multi-functionality, but WYSIWYG is missing, which could give a more exciting experience. However, the aftertouch rejoinder is comfortable sufficient, and swiftness is capably managed by the synth powerhouse, giving accents to liven up any bass line. In the presence of significant deficiencies, the device is pretty cool overall.

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Moog Minitaur Bass SynthesizerPremium Pick

  • Number of keys: no keys
  • Controller types: keyboard, pitch bend, mod wheel, after pressure and velocity
  • Software: free Minitaur Editor / Librarian
  • Presets: 128
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Size: 3.1 x 8.75 x 5.1 inches

One of the most advanced and latest analog synth modules is the Moog Minitaur, and it is an advanced bass module for any analog synth nut! The Minitaur is a highly robust yet small tabletop analog synth module based on Moog’s broadly prosperous Taurus 3. It provides you the complete satisfaction of both MIDI and CV control, yet its monophonic sound path is 100 percent analog. If you prefer tweaking your notes, then you will sense instantly at home with the Minitaur. It provides you comprehensive hands-on power over each phase of your music. There are no displays or screens to look at or lists to observe through – just a dial and key that’s exclusively automatic. Amid its oscillators, cases, and other analog elements, the Minitaur gives you a full spectrum of Taurus bass sounds. And gratitude to its condensed design, the Minitaur is the ideal addition to your studio or live keyboard rig. Whether you play automatic live music or create new soundscapes in your studio, you’ll cherish composing sounds with the Moog Minitaur analog synth module!

What we liked: We loved its classic analog synth vibe, a very vintage analog with power execution. It is dense and tiny, which makes it the most portable Moog ever. You get extensive power via MIDI or CV, plus audio erudition. Software editor for real-time editing, including further

What could be better: The different parameters have to be obtained via the editor or Shift purposes, none of which are commented on the tablet.


Roland TB-03 Bass Line Boutique SynthesizerBest Control

  • Number of keys: none
  • Controller types: not specified
  • Software: not specified
  • Presets: not specified
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Size: 14 x 7 x 3.5 inches

The next in our list is an analog synth TB-03 is Roland’s second explosion at a 303-style box. The TB-3 Touch Bassline (part of the Aira range) improved the single oscillator synth plus sequencer combo approach, though with a vastly diverse path to layout and functionality. The TB-03 serves up the smooth channels of the base silver box and showcases improvements that were needed in the original. A 4-digit LED screen permits you to adjust and twitch more precisely than ever. Overdrive and suspension impacts allow you to deploy savage music walls that will drive your center fans excited. In the studio, join with outer gear and your machine via the TB-03’s MIDI I/O and USB port, which operates as a 24-bit/96kHz audio interface.

However, what elements make a genuine inheritor of the 303 crowns have to fulfill? In times of synthesis, the first TB-303 is astonishingly easy. It allows a single oscillator switchable between sawtooth and square ripples. This is next routed through a 24dB/ octave four-stage diode ladder filter
- not an 18dB/octave filter as it seldom gets introduced.

What we liked: We mostly love this device because the sequences can resume while shifting between write and play modes. CV/Gate outputs let you compare vintage analog equipment and modular synths. It has a dedicated trigger input for driving an internal sequencer. Highly portable for music-making on the go.

What could be better: The main issue found is that good edits can’t be stored or reuse. This issue needs to be highlighted and improve.


Korg Volca Bass Analogue Bass Machine BundleBest Value

  • Number of keys: not specified
  • Controller types: not specified
  • Software: any DAW software
  • Presets: none
  • Weight: 12 x 5 x 8 inches
  • Size: 2.21 lbs.

The Volca Bass is next on our list because of its unique features and analog bassline. The volca bass is a bass analog music box that holds what you necessitate to produce loud rackets that reach up to the drums; heavy tones that sustain the swing; unusual dins that create a notch.

Although simplistic in composition, the analog modulation turbine has a conspicuous appearance with subtle distinctions that a digital simulation cannot record; it’s an excellent opportunity for acid trance and many other music styles. The step sequencer derived from the Electribe is not exclusively visually spontaneous; it’s also a compelling approach to create “loose style” bass circuits that will excite your impulse.

Created from polished covers of see-through black synthetic, the Volcas actively showcase their interior LED performance. Specific holds a flashing speed controller and a little inside speaker disengaged when you plug a jack into the 3.5mm headphone socket, which is the sole, monaural way to our ears. In a move for connectivity, you can perform each Volca directly via MIDI. Their sequencers automatically sync to the incoming MIDI timer; only analog sync isn’t dismissed either. Every model has Sync In and Out sockets, and a wire is provided for plugging into the next in series. It’s resilient and effortless, as is syncing to analog sequencers or LFOs. The timer provides pulses of 5V and is modified for application with S-trig sequencers such as Korg’s SQ10.

What we liked: The device produces a deafening and smooth sound which is witnessed on highly expensive products. The analog synth is super small and compact that could be kept anywhere. We loved the composition and built of the product; it is aesthetically crafted and looks very premium. You can use a battery to charge. The price is extremely less with provided features.

What could be better: The significant problem is that there is no way of automating the filter or resonance. However, other features are amazing to ignore.


Behringer Synthesizer TD-3-SRBest Tone

  • Number of keys: no keys
  • Controller types: 11 controls and 28 switches
  • Software: not specified
  • Presets: not specified
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Size: 12.01 x 6.5 x 2.21 inches

The Behringer TD-3 devotedly replicates the appearance and tone of the traditional 303 bassline – a synth that enhanced compatibility with Acid House and EDM in the ’80s and early ’90s. USB and MIDI connectivity render more productive choices for advanced rigs, while the generation of the primary circuits and a refined analog signal track gives the crunchy, loud, sharp tone that we acknowledge and embrace.

The 24dB/octave filter method has remained painstakingly created on the 303 – arguably its most defining characteristic. With the corresponding harmonious pleasing points as the previous, this limited system offers lots of fun with minimum annoyance. Plugin and let the bass take power!

The VCO helps additional sonic exploration. Interchanging between square and sawtooth waveforms is fast and simple. Built-in malformation gives you tip the TD-3 into that perfect sharp note that defined so many ’90s hits.

It’s easy to make an exciting collection of beats and notes via the network 16-step sequencer; it possesses seven different tracks, with 250 user guides on each one. The onboard arpeggiator powers it back even further, allowing you to get also hands-on for a live show or dynamic studio gatherings.

What we loved: We are in love with this analog synth because of the square/sawtooth waveform VCO. It produces a classic single-oscillator sharp and crisp tone. Arpeggiator enables you to craft specific deep sonic stories.

What could be better: This is a surprisingly entertaining piece for really little cash, surely more salutary than other analog synths. The only issue is the necessity of versatility, except you supplement a midi keyboard without a viable production composition or for the record.


Teenage Engineering PO-14 PocketCompact

  • Number of keys: no keys
  • Controller types: gold plated plugs, 26 AWG
  • Software: none
  • Presets: 16
  • Weight: 3.66 oz
  • Size: 5.2 x 3 x 1.5 inches

As with the Oplab, everything is positioned to the circuitry board (comprising the back panel AAA battery receptacles and 3.3mm ins and outs). The display of the Pocket Operators is centered around a certain visual statement. Pushing the key labeled ‘play’ is easy enough and sets the beats in motion. There is quite a rare blend of keypresses and control twists to get in order to get to all the features on offer. In reality, the PO-12 allows 16 notes (all with two flexible parameters) that are triggered by one of the 16 (16-step) models. Guides can be filmed live (and are automatically quantized) or in step-mode, where unique actions can be switched on or off for various music via a 4×4 grid.

What we liked: It features pocket-sized cases of musical fun. Emergency circumstances are optionally possible for a further ‘polished’ appearance.

What could be better: The display needs improvements in presenting more fun; otherwise, the analog synth is all that you need.

Things to Consider

Whether you’re a novice searching for your first synth, or musicians searching to supplement a new tool to enhance your arsenal, there’s a statement bass synth out there to gratify everyone.
This buying guide is packed with the best bass synth for keys players to help you in getting the best. From Pocket Operator Sub Bass Synthesizer to the astounding Bass Analogue Bass Machine Bundle, our accumulation is all that you need in getting the best analog bass synth.

Advantages of a bass synth

When you require low-end power and heft for your electronic music compositions, you require a synthesizer. Analog is always fun to use and helps in making a certain sound. If you feel that your music is becoming a little one-dimensional, perhaps, or requires something new. Then a bass synth can transform that track to stand out. Synths can help you in producing tones that no one ever heard before as they are enriched with the hefty circuit board and vacuum holes.

The drum and soft bass synth and bass synths are compact enough to fit in your palm, which means that you can take them anywhere.

Features to consider before you buy a bass synth

Before buying your very first bass synth, make sure to select the right product. In order to so, you must understand the factors to consider before buying a bass synth. Below mentioned are some of the factors that need to be taken care of before getting your hands on bass best bass synth for keys players.

Number of keys

If you need to incorporate sounds, piano experience isn’t required. Occasionally you are not even working with the keys on your synth and only changing the sound. Synthesizers are unique to pianos, so the keys are not important. Moog Minitaur Bass Synthesizer is one of the most efficient synths that come with no keys and is super easy to use.


6 Best Bass Synths: Great Sound and Functionality

Always go for the smaller and compact desktop sound modules. These synths come with built-in step sequencers comprising their very own quirks and limitations, all linked or daisy-chained to a common Master Clock. Korg Volca series is one of the best ranges in synths, they are packed with infinite features, plus their prices are very reasonable.

Easy to use

While low-priced compact bass synths such as the Volcas are best for the newcomers to learn and play, it is imperative to know the way to use the synths. Make sure that the product is easy-to-integrate, simple-to-use, and features clear sound structure engines. Teenage Engineering PO-14 Bass Synthesizer is what you need to master the art.

Controller types

Before buying a bass synth, make sure that it has adequate controllers that you can easily manage and work with. Most common and easy to use controller types are keyboard, pitch bend, mod wheel, after pressure, and velocity. Luckily, all of these are present in Moog Minitaur Bass Synthesizer.


A software synthesizer, also called a soft-synth or software instrument, produces digital audio, usually for music.

The system software that can make notes or music is not unusual, but advances in processing speed now grant soft synths to accomplish the same tasks that wanted the dedicated hardware of a conventional synthesizer.
Korg Volca Bass Analogue is ideal for you as it features DAW software to provide an exceptional experience.


6 Best Bass Synths: Great Sound and Functionality

Patch pre-loaded into the concept of a synthesizer by the company. The patch may be placed into RAM, where it can be updated or altered by the user, or into ROM, where it is eternally existing and can’t be edited without following it to a RAM position opening. Novation Bass Station II Analog Mono-Synth is ideal for you as it comes with 64 presets to provide the most astonishing outcomes.


Always determine the weight of the bass synth before buying. If you want to keep it with you, then make sure it is compact and not hefty to carry around. Using a compact bass synth will make it easier to travel with it and use it anywhere you go. Korg Volca Bass Synth weighs only 1.1 lb and is super-efficient in performance.


Having a product that comes with an adequate warranty is always important. If you are getting the bass synth first, it is noteworthy to understand that the synths which come with a warranty are always better.

Having a warranty determines that the product is reliable and of good quality.
If the bass synth is having a warranty of three years, then consider it the best one. However, warranties that come for one to two years are also acceptable. Novation Bass Station II Analog Mono-Synth is an astonishing synth that features three years of warranty with mind-blowing features.


Below mentioned are top-rated bass synths with amazing features, excellent performance, and reasonable price. Not only does the Novation Bass Station II give loads of quality peculiarities (assignable modulators, tunable oscillators, and more). Novation strives to hold their devices reasonably low priced by selling online. The Minitaur Bass Synthesizer transforms the analog information into a really clear and simple to operate with the digital composition. You can have the belief that anything you produce using this device will be playing astonishing when you are completed crafting your music.

Step 1: Start your DAW and place the synth of selection on a device path. Initialize the synth by snapping the switch in the middle board. By default, Oscillator 1 is fixed to the sawtooth waveform, which produces both smooth and uneven harmonics. It literally loads up the wavelength spectrum, but we can change it into bass music with small filtering.

Step 2: Utilize the Cutoff control in the Filter panel below 0%, and the Env(elope) higher to 65%. The Filter Envelope promptly changes Dune CM’s low-pass filter cutoff recurrence. The envelope’s Sustain adjustment is fixed to 100%. Bringing out the large incidences like this provides the music a plentiful bass.

Step 3: Initiate the Mono switch in the Output panel so that you can just play the hymnography monophonically – that is, one rung at a time.

Step 4:  If you installed the Key Track knob in the Filter panel to 50%, the Cutoff would understand the notes presented, providing you a uniform blend beyond the complete console.

Step 5: Snap the Square icon in the Oscillator 1 panel. Square loops only use occasional harmonics to produce bouncier tones than saw teeth, making them prototype for bass music.

Step 6: Customize the music by modifying the filter and case frames. For example, we can build a garage-style ‘converse’ bass by installing the Filter Envelope’s Attack to 50%.

Our Verdict

Bass synths are beneficial for blending high harmonies with hands-on maneuvering and transforming the music. Bass synth gives the player a plentiful, more prosperous, and pleasant experience. We have discussed seven amazing and mind-blowing best bass synths.

Our first pick, Novation Bass Station II Analog Mono-Synth, got 9.9 ratings in Editor’s Choice. The second one Moog Minitaur Bass Synthesizer, rated by Premium Pick, got 9.8. Roland TB-03 Bass Line Boutique Synthesizer is our third choice that was ranked with 9.0 for its Best Control.

The remaining four synths also enjoy amazing ranking regarding their features, size, and performance. Whether you are looking for low-cost or brilliant features, this detailed information will help you out in selecting an efficient product. While selecting a bass synth, ensure to look for all the features very carefully and understand the product very well. Our detail guide is going to help you in getting the best bass synth. Get your hands on the fittest bass synth to generate aesthetic music, learn new notes, or simply for enjoying the instrument. Read our detailed guide and make a wise decision in getting your forever favorite best bass synth.

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